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Auto Accident Lawyer Riverside

Auto accident lawyer Riverside – how do you determine if you need one? Were you involved in an automobile accident and you are not sure if you need to hire an auto accident lawyer Riverside? Are you confused because you don’t want to spend money by hiring a lawyer but you want legal representation? Almost all car accident can be a traumatic experience even if there are only minor damages. Now, if was a serious accident and someone was rushed to the hospital then everyone involved will definitely experience trauma. Then you would have to hire an auto accident lawyer Riverside.

When you are placed in this situation it is best that you stay in a safe location and cooperate with the police and other officials on the accident scene. If you are not severely hurt the police offers will still recommend that you go to the ambulance to have yourself checked. With everything that is happening around you surely it will be difficult for you to focus on writing down or gather the information you need.

That’s why this article will provide you with information on how to determine if you need to hire an injury lawyer.

  • Stay calm and go to a safe location
  • Do your best to remember the key details on the accident
  • Contact your insurance company and inform them that you just experienced an accident.
  • After contact your lawyer and let him or her know that you were involved in an accident.
  • Then call your family
  • Do not leave the scene until you have the following information. Contact information of all witness and the people involved in the accident. Make sure you get a police report and write down the location of the accident. If you can use your camera phone and start taking pictures of the damaged property and the scene.
  • If you are a victim of this accident most likely the other parties involved will admit their fault.
  • If this is the case you might not need to hire a lawyer but it is still best to consult with one after.
  • If the other parties admitted it was their fault then you will be able to get some monetary compensation for your medical expenses.
  • Now, if you were physically injured and were rushed to the hospital for treatment then you know that this is a serious accident.
  • Once you are settled in your hospital room, start contacting your auto accident or injury lawyer and have him or her meet you at the hospital.
  • State the events of the accident from what you remember. Inform your lawyer that you were not able to contact your insurance company or get a police report because you were rushed to the hospital.
  • You have to take action right away if you plan to file for a lawsuit.

At least now you can determine if you will need an auto accident lawyer Riverside based on the information stated above. If you are worried about your medical expenses or lawyer fees talk to your lawyer if you can make a payment plan or pay on contingency basis.