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Can I sue the parents of a child or teenager who caused my car accident in Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles California, one must be at least 16 years old to drive a car. A minor who drives without a valid driving permit or drivers license can face severe legal penalties if caught. Specifically, the minor driver can be charged with a misdemeanor resulting in a hefty fine, the car can be towed and impounded, and the minor will be delayed in getting a valid driving permit or drivers license when coming of legal age.

Despite these harsh penalties, unfortunately in Los Angeles car accidents occur all to frequently because of minors unlawfully operating vehicles. In Los Angeles, California, if a minor causes a car accident, not only can the car accident victim seek damages from the minor, but may also seek financial compensation from the minor’s parents. If a Plaintiff can show that a minor driver’s parents knew of the dangerous propensities of their child, a Plaintiff can seek damages from the parents of the minor driver for their child’s negligent operation of an automobile. In addition, parents can also be held liable for negligently supervising their child and negligently entrusting an automobile to their child. Criminal and civil penalties against a minor driver and the minor driver’s parents increase if the minor was driving unlawfully under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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