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Car Accident Attorney California

If you’ve sustained a knee injury in an automobile accident in the California state, then a Car Accident Attorney in California would be a great help for you to get the right compensation that you need. Knee injury sustained during a car crash present victims with a litany of grounds for damage claims, if another party is deemed partially or wholly at-fault. Depending on liability laws in your state and the specifics of your accident, personal injury claims for knee injuries sustained during a car accident are possible. Having an attorney oversee any legal action related to personal injury claims for bodily injuries is advisable.

The legs are the main way that the body moves. Injuries to the legs aren’t usually deadly, but a lot of the time they call for long stays in the hospital and long treatments. New studies show that legs are the second most often injured part of the body in car crashes. Also, bad leg injuries can cause even worse leg problems later. Along with the physical and mental problems leg injuries cause, they also can cost people a lot of money. Medical care, treatment, and the time you lose when you are hurt make leg injuries the second most expensive injuries.

Knee injury from car accident incidents is a common injury that is sustained as a result of a vehicle collision. Knee injury from car accident incidents occurs with a sudden violent exterior impact to the knee or a severe twisting or hyperextension of the leg that results in trauma to the knee. In car accidents, a victim’s knee can hit some internal portion of the vehicle upon impact with another object or in rollover accidents. Knee injury from car accident injuries can result from sudden impact between the knee and the vehicle’s dashboard, door, window, and even roof.

The most common type of knee injury from car accident incidents is an ACL injury, or damage to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. This type of injury accounts for seventy percent of all knee injuries and is most common in high-impact sports such as football and basketball. ACL knee injury from car accident incidents occurs when the knee joint is forced into extreme torsion causing the ACL to stretch or tear. The severity of these types of injuries varies depending on the extent of ACL damage. The ACL can tear resulting in mild pain without joint instability, or a complete rupture can occur between the ligament and the bone resulting in severe disability and complete loss of joint stability.

An ACL tear can be diagnosed in a number of ways. Pain and swelling are immediate and very noticeable. Various stress tests or an MRI on the knee can confirm the extent of the injury. Not every knee injury will require surgery, but it is usually the best option for ligament tears. This surgery is called an ACL reconstruction, because it is actually reconstructed using another ligament or tendon. This surgery is generally very successful, and rehab can help prevent the ligament continue to be unstable in the future.

If you have suffered a serious knee injury in an auto accident, you may need an experienced car accident attorney in California to help you recover the money you deserve. Insurance companies make record profits by lowering and denying claims, but a car accident attorney can level the playing field on your behalf.