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In the next 92 seconds if you answer yes to any of the following 25 questions stop everything and call me now and speak to me in person for free. 24 hours a day 7 days a week…

1. Have you recently talked to an attorney about your car accident case and got that weird feeling that he or she was not as aggressive as you had hoped?

2. Do you feel a bit uncomfortable explaining to your attorney why you deserve more money for your accident?

3. Is your attorney pushing you to settle before even knowing all the facts about your case?

4. Are you ever asking yourself “Should I tell this attorney everything?”

5. Would you like referrals to doctors that do not charge for medical treatments until you win your case?

6. Would you like referrals to expert witnesses for your case with no out of pocket expenses?

7. Are you worried about rarely getting through to your attorney and having to deal with assistants or staff members?

8. Is your current money situation making it hard for you to afford the gas to get to the law office, let alone all the medical appointments?

9. Does having an attorney that comes to you make more financial sense?

10. Would it help if your attorney assisted you with your car rental and transportation to all of your medical appointments?

11. Do you think it’s important to hire a car accident specialist to handle your case?

12. Would you like an attorney that would front the expense for your expert witnesses?

13. Looking for an attorney that is able to fund your entire lawsuit including medical fees and transportation costs so that there are no out of pocket expenses to you whatsoever?

14. Would you agree that having an attorney on your side that understands and studies medicine could mean a serious advantage to your case?

15. Is it important that your attorney be personable, easy to talk to, and down to earth?

16. Are insurance company representatives not returning your phone calls?

17. Is the insurance company representative not willing to pay for your storage fees and for repairs to your damaged car?

18. After winning your case, would it be nice if your attorney contacted the doctors who treated you to reduce their medical expenses? Therefore, putting more money in your pocket…

19. Are you looking for an attorney that the insurance companies know of and fear?

20. Are you unsure how to respond to the insurance company and/or answer their interrogation type of questions?

21. Are the insurance companies some how making you feel less and less like a victim even though the accident was not your fault?

22. Need an aggressive attorney that can significantly improves your settlement?

23. Would you like to know how much insurance the at-fault driver has and why this is important to your case?

24. Would you like to get some insider information that would drastically improve the amount of money in your pocket from an attorney who thinks insurance companies are ________ ( you fill in the blank) .

25. Would you like to talk to an attorney that could show you how to do all of this on your own and free of charge?

I know, I know, number 25 sounds a bit far fetched, but even though no attorney in his or her right mind would ever recommend that you attempt to settle with an insurance company on your own, I still feel that it’s up to you to decide what’s best for your situation, If nothing else at least be armed with the knowledge and a full understanding of how insurance companies try to trick accident victims like you out of millions of well deserved dollars and in a few short paragraphs from now I’ll give you 10 tips that will help turn the tables on the bad guys…

You also need to know exactly what other attorneys mean when they say “contingency” and how not all costs are really covered when they inform you that they get paid only if you win. What if you don’t win or don’t win what you expect? Who is responsible for all the medical, transportation, vehicle storage, vehicle repair, third party investigators, expert witnesses, and all of the out of pocket expenses that normal law firms take on? Well, the sad answer is: You. Unless of course you come across an attorney who truly puts his own money where his or her mouth is…

My name is Bob B. Khakshooy and I think the insurance system is the biggest scam since Social Security. All of my life, I heard my farther talk about how he was “insurance poor” and how insurance companies were glad to take his hard earned money, how your payments had better be on time or it would get canceled. He often complained about collecting a dollar from an insurance company was like pulling teeth. The craziest thing was that if you did receive any money after the long wait, they some how made you feel guilty even though you paid for insurance. For many years, I have found it fascinating how these insurance companies have mastered the art of making hard working people like my farther second guess themselves into thinking that they were doing something wrong or asking for too much money.

For reasons mentioned above, nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing the insurance companies legal team break out in a cold sweat the second they see me outside the court room. I think what really scares them the most is how nice and respectful I start my presentations. It seems to give them some type of false sense of security. Its funny how after all these times in the courtroom never losing one case, they still do not realize until it’s too late that my being polite and well mannered during the beginning of the trial was only to build rapport and the respect of the judge and jury. By the time they know what hit them, the judge is usually advising them to settle as soon as possible. This is the point where most attorneys get weak out of respect for the other side and recommend fairness to their client. I on the other hand, remind my clients how if they had their way, you would end up with nothing but a bunch of unpaid bills. Not to mention a possible bankruptcy hanging over your head for the next 7 – 10 years. This sweet spot in the trial or settlement negotiation is where you can go from “insurance poor” to “insurance pretty-well-off”. This is not the time to show any pity for a organization that takes advantage of people who are uncomfortable with the court system and end up settling for pennies on the dollar. I really don’t mean to brag about how much I love seeing them pay for all their wrongs, but if it weren’t for attorneys like me you would be lucky if insurance companies paid for your doctor visits let alone all of the other associated costs. Yes I know, insurance would be a lot cheaper but who’s perfect? Except for my win record. Ok, ok I’ll stop here.

I would like to take a second to remind all of you, who took precious time out of your day to read this web page about a factor in life that many of us overlook. This factor is called “Opportunity Cost”

What is Opportunity Cost? describes Cost of Opportunity as:
“Opportunity cost is the cost of any activity measured in terms of the best alternative forgone (which means lost or given up). It is the sacrifice related to the second best choice available to someone who has picked among several mutually exclusive choices. Consequently, opportunity costs are not restricted to monetary or financial costs: the real cost of output forgone (or lost), lost time, pleasure or any other benefit that provides utility should also be considered opportunity costs.”
Opportunity costs are broken up in to two parts.

Explicit costs (Money or financial costs)
Explicit costs are opportunity costs that involve direct monetary or cash payouts. These are payouts newly incurred bills that you did not already owe nor would have ever owed.

Implicit costs (Hidden Costs)
Implicit costs are by contrast, the opportunity costs that involve only factors that are unseen or intangible such as time loss or deals/opportunities lost. They are equivalent to what you could have earned during the lost time or the experiences deals or opportunities you could have had. Ignoring implicit opportunity costs may produce the illusion that except for exact hard cost there were no cost at all. The unseen opportunity costs then become the implicit hidden costs of that course of action. Implicit costs are what insurance companies love to forget about and negotiating directly with these organizations will teach you a very hard lesson once you understand what an accident really cost you.

What does “Opportunity Cost” really mean to you?
Here is a quick idea of how this applies to your case. Say your accident including paying off your car, doctor bills, medication, lets even throw in 6 months off of work, came to a grand total of 100,000. Some people (like the insurance company) may think cool, here’s a full settlement for the $100K (if you are lucky) thank you, have a nice day, and good-bye… Well, not so fast. You just spent 2 months in a hospital wore a cast for 5½ months. You did not even show up to your job for 6 months (how many co-workers do you know that get a pay raise or promotion while they are recovering from an accident?) Let’s do some simple math here; just a one-dollar pay raise put off for one year on a 40 hour week just cost you $2080 in the first year alone. What about all the sick leave that you are completely out of now? What about the pain and suffering you and your family went through. What about the emotional stress on you and more importantly your kids? (When I was a kid I thought my parents were invincible.) What do you think a kid thinks when he sees his father in a wheel chair, all bandaged up and unable eat or to go to the bathroom on his own? What about the time spent away from family? What about the time and expenses of a spouse or loved one that had to care for you during your recovery? (which is always overlooked). Don’t have a spouse or love one? What about the possible loss of the opportunity of meeting that soul mate? Ever try picking someone up in a hospital or with bandages on your head? Good luck!!! Is all this supposed to be chalked up as some kind of bad luck life experience and not at all to be compensated for? Ok, that example about the soul mate thing may seem a bit extreme, but I’m sure if you put your head to it you could come up with many more “implicit costs”…

This next paragraph is meant for accident victims who still feel that I might be a bit too aggressive and do not share my opinion of insurance companies. Please keep in mind that I have no hard feelings toward you and only want you to get what you feel is right, but at least let it be YOU who decides what the “fair” dollar amount should be. By applying a few of these 10 tips you will be able to let the poor insurance companies keep as much money as YOU like…

1. Don’t give a recorded statement until you have spoken to an attorney, several doctors and be sure to not mention anything about medicals .You should not provide the insurance company a recorded statement about your injuries in the early stages of your case.

2. Have your chosen lawyer prep you before any statements to the insurance adjuster. Avoid negotiating with insurance companies before seeking legal advice. You can certainly decrease your case value if your attorney does not investigate the policy limits of the adverse party. Non-aggressive attorneys are often known to drop the ball causing cases to be thrown out and end up being sued by there own clients for malpractice. Also ask your lawyer about “Mitigation” and why minimizing the damage you have sustained as a result of a car accident will help increase your over all recovery later on. Remember that in the eyes of the insurance companies you have a duty to reduce your cost.

3. Don’t forget about the 2-year rule. In California you only have 2 years to file suit.

4. Be sure not to have time gaps in your medical treatments because it looks a lot less serious to the adjuster.

5. Make sure that your property damages are handled at no charge, which includes processing the claim, monitoring the claim, and getting you into a rental car.

6. Be 100% sure the insurance company pays you the “blue book” value (which equals “retail value”) for your car not “Grey or Black book” value (which equals “wholesale value”)

7. Talk to your lawyer about any and all unexpected costs including your own potential out of pocket cost especially if you decide to go to trial.

8. Make sure to seek immediate medical treatment for your injuries and stay clear of doctors that insurance companies do not have trust and think are fraudulent. Ask your lawyer to research what doctors have credibility with insurance companies. Having a lawyer who is well educated in medicine can aid you in getting the right treatment. Nothing can kill your case faster than going to the wrong medical provider. You must follow the doctor’s treatment regiment to a Tee.

9. Take lots of notes… Take notes after each conversation with an insurance adjuster. Make notes of all your damages in great detail, and keep all documents organized in a systematic file system.

10. Do not consider the insurance adjuster your friend in any way. Be Patient – Do not accept early “low ball” settlement offers from the insurance company. Always say no to the first offer. And always ask for more.

Here is what you get:
* An attorney who is a specialist in car accident cases.
* The most aggressive attorney in the Los Angeles area. (Hands down)
* An attorney who the insurance companies know of and fear.
* An attorney who knows and studies medicine, giving you up to date and accurate advice on all necessary treatments.
* An attorney who is personable, easy to talk to, and very down to earth.
* An attorney who understands all of your lost opportunities and how priceless some of them may be.
* An attorney that has no love for the insurance companies and is truly on your side to win the max payout.
* Referrals to my network of doctors that do not charge for medical treatments unless you win your case.
* Referrals to my network of expert witnesses for your case with no out of pocket expenses.
* One on one personal service with me instead of staff members, responding and answering your questions.
* An attorney that will even come to you, saving you on time and these outrageous gas prices.
* An attorney that will personally front all expenses relating to car rental and/or transportation to all the your medical appointments.
* An attorney that will get all of your vehicle storage fees and for repairs paid for at no extra charge.
* An attorney that will find out exactly how much insurance the at-fault driver has so you know the minimum amount to settle for.
* An attorney that will contact the doctors who treated you to reduce expenses. Putting more money directly in your pocket.
* An attorney that will prep you on what to say, what not to say, and coach step by step you the whole way through your case.
* An attorney that will help you by advancing the costs of rentals, lodging, and even cash to help you through rough times. (Even if you do not need it, its nice to know it’s there just in case…)
* You will get the most amount of money as possible in a shortest period of time.
* An attorney that is able to fund your entire lawsuit including medical fees and transportation cost so that there are no out of pocket expenses to you whatsoever.

Here is what you will not get:
* You will not be disregarded and passed off to assistants or junior members of the law firm.
* You will not be trick swindled by these insurance companies anymore.
* You will not get a weak lawyer who just goes for the quick buck and pushes you to settle for fractions of the at-fault-drivers insurance policy.
* You will not have to wait weeks or even months to hear back from me with answers to your questions.
* You will not have to worry about any out of pocket expenses what-so-ever.
* You will not get charged extra for me to handle your property, which includes processing the claim, monitoring the claim, and getting you into a rental car.
* You will not get a lawyer that makes you feel ashamed of the amount of money you feel that you deserve.
* You will not get a lawyer that you can’t 100% trust.
* You will not get a lawyer that is a general practitioner.
* You will not get a lawyer that will make you pay any expenses at all.

My services are for you if:
If you are patient.
If you understand that getting the right treatment is best for your case.

My services are not for you if:
If you are not patient.
If you are not willing to follow up with your medical providers.
If you don’t take your case seriously.
If you are not injured.

What makes me different?
Working hard on client’s cases, and paying close attention to their cases makes the difference. Staying on top of client’s injuries, and recommending the right medical doctors to clients.

We will represent you for no fees up front, and only collect a percentage of your case once we collect the proceeds.

I guarantee that you will not spend one penny out of your pocket and I will front 100% of all associated fees, work hard on your case, and attempt to get you the best compensation.