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How does government liability work in Los Angeles Car Accident cases?

Government vehicles commonly travel on the busy roads and highways of Los Angeles, California. A few examples of government vehicles include police vehicles, fire department vehicles, department of water and power vehicles, gas company vehicles, animal care vehicles, department of prison vehicles, parks and recreation vehicles, and road works vehicles. Our clients often call us with questions about how to proceed with a car accident case involving a government vehicle. Claims for car accidents involving Los Angeles Government vehicles can be very complicated.

Government employees are usually afforded special protections against being sued for car accidents in Los Angeles, even if at fault. Because of these special protections, State and local governments must give “consent” to be sued–essentially waiving any special protections government employees are afforded. There are many complicated exceptions that may apply concerning these special protections. To determine if you can sue a Government entity for a car accident, an experienced car accident lawyer will have to review the details of your case beforehand. Often, the smallest detail can effect your rights and ability to sue a Government agency or employee for injuries you have sustained.

A common fact pattern that arises regarding government vehicles involved in car accidents in Los Angeles, is during a high speed police chase. Police chases are high speed, high danger events. In the heat of the moment, police officers who are determined to apprehend a dangerous criminal may disregard the safety of other drivers. Innocent drivers who are unfortunately hurt or even killed during such chases.

The Los Angeles car accident lawyers at California Attorney Group have worked on hundreds of car accident cases involving a multitude of different Government vehicles. Our L.A. car accident attorneys have also represented clients in car accidents resulting from police chases. If you have any questions concerning your LA car accident, or if you need a car accident attorney to help you aggressively fight for your legal rights, we would be happy to be of service. Do not hesitate to contact one of our experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyers toll free at 1-800-337-8547 to set up a consultation at no cost.