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Is there such as a thing as a car “black box”?

Our clients often ask us whether or not there is such a thing as a car “black box.” Black boxes are commonly associated with airplanes. In an airplane, a black box is used to record performance of the aircraft while in flight. Black boxes are very useful in the investigation of an airplane crash, or airplane emergency. Car accident victims who are not sure why or how a car accident occurred are often interested in black boxes. Car accident victims believe that if either their car, or the at-fault driver’s car has a black box, they will be able to easily determine who caused the car accident, and how it happened.

Black Boxes for automobiles are called Event Data Recorders (EDRs). EDRs are very advanced instruments that record detailed information involving a car’s use before an accident. For example, EDRs record the speed of a vehicle before an accident, clutch, break, acceleration, and steering information, and even information pertaining to whether seatbelts were being worn prior to the accident happening.

Although EDRs can be very useful in car accident investigations, EDR data also has limitations. For instance, it is worth noting that EDRs are only installed in relatively new cars, and the type of information recorded will depend on the year make and model of a vehicle. Also, EDRs only record information several seconds before and after a car accident. Additionally, obtaining EDR data can be difficult. The owner of the car has a property right to the data contained in their car’s EDR. Accordingly, to get the data from an at-fault driver’s EDR, car accident victims usually must seek an order from the Court.

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