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Riverside Auto Accident Attorney

Have you noticed your friend is recently hiring a Riverside auto accident attorney for a car accident that you don’t remember happening? Are you finally realizing that he is faking his injuries just to make money? Do you want to learn as much as you can on this scam so you can warn him? Well, you are a good friend and “yes” you should warn him because this is a serious offense. Your friend can go to jail if he is caught by Riverside auto accident attorney, the judge or insurance companies.

The reason why many auto accident or injury lawyers have a bad reputation is because they don’t know how to say no to people who they know is faking their own accident in order to get a monetary compensation. Instead they accept the case and do whatever they can to help their client get the compensation they are asking for. In return these types of lawyers end up getting a bad reputation.

This is another reason why many people believe the myths about injury lawyers. Several people in today’s society think that can file a lawsuit and receive monetary compensation as long as they were injured. For example, if they spill a very hot coffee on themselves because the food was wet they think they can file a lawsuit. Regardless if they were really injured but of course this is not true.

In order to get a settlement your case must be brought to court or both lawyers must negotiate on an agreement. But before you can receive the big settlement there is another process that you and your lawyer must go through. You have to abundance of medical paperwork that you were physically injured and disabled to work for a couple of months because of this injury. Your medical records will be exposed to lawyers, judge and insurance companies to determine if you are qualify for monetary compensation or not.

Listed below are scams of how a person will fake an injury and make money from the law.

They think the smallest injuries can lead to big monetary settlements from insurance companies. If desperate they will deliberately hurt themselves at the work place and file a lawsuit for negligence. They don’t care if what they are doing is hurting the company they work for instead they only think of themselves.

Once the injury has been done and colleagues and supervisors are concerned because of their injuries they are acting like a lawyer. They are trying to remember where the accident happened and they will over act their injury even if it does not hurt so he can receive medical attention. This will look good on their notes, documents and for witnesses. Remember they think like a lawyer because they know how to manipulate the system.

Now you know how some people are using some Riverside auto accident attorney to make money. So, if you know someone who is doing this as a career you should warn him that getting involved in faking accidents is wrong.