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Ventura County Auto Accident Lawyer

Like most cities with populations over 100,000, Ventura, California, was faced with a rising tide of car accidents. Statistics culled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicated that the city had seen 25 fatal car accidents between 2001 and 2003. Deciding it had had enough, Ventura installed red-light cameras at 17 different intersections. The move paid off. Red-light running accidents at those crossroads fell by 80 percent, and red-light running crashes citywide dropped 29 percent.

Of course, if injuries are obvious, those involved in the car accident will probably have been offered emergency medical attention at the scene. But if you were involved in an auto accident, what else can you do to take care of yourself and anyone else who was in your car?
Get a medical opinion about your post-car accident condition: You may have felt that you did not suffer any injuries in the auto accident, so you didn’t seek emergency medical treatment. Remember, however, that many types of car accident injuries are not immediately obvious. When your body takes an impact during an auto accident, the jerking motion can injure the brain, back and spine in ways that only show symptoms after weeks, or even months. To be on the safe side, get a doctor’s evaluation, and make sure your passengers do so also.
Make a report: If police or highway patrol officers did not come to the scene of the auto accident, make a report of the car accident at their local offices. If they do create a car accident report at the auto accident scene, make sure that it does not incorrectly indicate that you were at fault for the car accident. If there are mistakes in the auto accident report, ask that they be corrected, or that your objections be noted in the car accident report.

Do not admit fault: No matter what else you do, do not admit that the car accident was even slightly your fault, even if you believe that it was. You may be wrong, but your statements may be used against you by the other driver’s insurer and attorney. Even your own auto insurance carrier will be looking for ways to pay you as little as possible for your car accident damages. Once you have engaged the services of a good Ventura County auto accident lawyer, he or she will talk to these people on your behalf.

If you or someone you care about is suffering because of an accident with injuries, you need to explore the possibilities for obtaining compensation from those who caused the accident. After all, someone is going to have to pay the medical bills and other accident-related costs. The costs should not fall on the victim and the injured party’s family. Call a competent Ventura County auto accident lawyer, one with extensive experience in dealing with personal injury claims of all kinds. And act quickly. The law imposes time limitations on the period in which a lawsuit may be filed. If you miss a deadline, your rights to compensation may be gone forever.