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What if I was also partially at fault for my Car accident in Los Angeles?

Californians often assume that if they have partially caused a car accident, they won’t be able to recover any damages for the injuries they have sustained. This is absolutely untrue. California, unlike other states, is a “comparative negligence” state. Comparative negligence means that a jury will assign a percentage of fault to each party involved in a car accident to establish the amount of damages one can recover for their injuries. For example, lets say a jury decides that you were 10% at fault for a Los Angeles car accident, and the other driver was 90% at fault. If the jury finds that the total amount of your injuries was $100,000.00, ultimately you will recover $90,000.00. Thus, the comparative negligence principal allows you to recover some damages even though you may be partly to blame for the accident.

Although under the theory of comparative negligence you may be able to recover partial damages for your injuries, you should not immediately admit your fault to another driver, or an insurance company. Instead contact a Los Angeles car accident attorney to discuss what steps you should take to optimize a settlement that you may be entitled to. Comparative negligence is a complicated legal principal that is specific to California. If you have any questions about your car accident, or specifically about comparative negligence contact the experienced Los Angeles car accident attorneys at California Attorney Group. Our car accident lawyers work on car accident cases every single day, and can guide you through the details of how comparative negligence may apply to your case. We will aggressively fight for your legal rights. Call us toll free today at 1-800-337-8547.