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What is “litigation”?

Litigation is the process of taking your case in to a Court of law with the goal of reaching
a legal resolution. In litigation there are two sides to every dispute. The Plaintiff (the person who is bringing the lawsuit) and the Defendant (the person who is being sued by the Plaintiff). In Los Angeles car accident litigation, the Plaintiff seeks “damages” from the Defendant. Damages include: money for repair of the Plaintiff’s vehicle; money for medical expenses the Plaintiff has incurred as a result of the accident; and money for the loss of income the Plaintiff has lost because of the accident. If a dispute which is being litigated cannot be resolved through a settlement agreement between the parties, then the case will move forward to trial. However, in Los Angeles, car accident lawyers rarely take a case to trial. In fact, only 10% of cases go forward to trial, whereas 90% of cases are settled out of court between the parties. It is important to note, that entering the litigation process does not stop settlement negotiations between the parties. The experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyers at California Attorney Group even try to settle cases in the later stages of the litigation process.

Only a licensed attorney can litigate a case on your behalf. Litigating a case successfully requires hiring a skilled and experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer, such as the attorneys at California Attorney Group. The more skill and ability a LA car accident attorney has, the more effectively the lawyer will be able to fight for your rights and obtain a settlement or verdict you may be entitled to. The seasoned Los Angeles car accident lawyers at California Attorney Group work on car accident cases every single day. We are legal professionals who will aggressively seek a favorable settlement that you may be entitled to. You can trust that we will help you during this difficult time. If you need help litigating your car accident case, schedule a free consultation with the LA car accident attorneys at California Attorney Group toll free at (866) 1-800-337-8547.