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What should I look for when selecting a good personal injury lawyer for my Los Angeles Cat Accident Case?

Personal injury legal disputes involve two different sets of people, and two different kinds of lawyers. One set of individuals – who are seeking damages for injuries they have suffered as a result of a car accident– are called Plaintiffs. The other set of individuals–who were at-fault and who caused a car accident–are called Defendants. Typically, attorneys either represent Plaintiffs or Defendants, but rarely both. Thus, if you are seeking an attorney because you have been injured in a car accident, you should be looking for a “Plaintiff’s lawyer.” You should be skeptical about an attorney’s level of expertise if they represent both Plaintiffs and Defendants. You should hire an attorney who you know is dedicated to representing injured individuals, and not large insurance companies.

If you have been involved in a Los Angeles car accident, you want to select a lawyer who is experienced, knowledgeable, a fierce negotiator, and someone who will aggressively fight for your legal rights. You will want to examine how the lawyer charges for legal services, what kinds of success the lawyer has had, and if the lawyer focuses his or her practice on car accident cases, or if the lawyer practices other types of law as well. The attorney you hire should abide by the moral and ethical rules of legal responsibility, but should also be a hard nosed, strong willed, legal advocate.

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