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What should you do if you are involved in a rollover car accident?

SUVs and minivans a very popular vehicles in Los Angeles, California. Individuals like these types of vehicles because they are more comfortable during long drives, they have great trunk capacities, and they afford more viability. However, the deadliest form of car accidents that occur to drivers of SUVs, minivans and trucks, are rollover accidents. Rollover accidents are commonly caused by instability of a vehicle while turning. Turning instability is increased with vehicles that have a higher center of gravity such as SUVs, minivans and trucks. However, rollovers frequently occur in other types of vehicles as well.

If you drive an SUV, minivan or truck, you should be particularly conscious of the risk of rolling over. Some tips to avoid getting in to rollover accidents are:
- Think twice before purchasing an SUV, minivan or truck. Because of the design of these vehicles, rollover accidents are very common. Rollover accidents can be deadly, so if you want to be safe, buy a vehicle with a lower center of gravity.
- Keep in mind that while driving an SUV, minivan or truck, you have a higher center of gravity. Therefore, you should not take high speed turns, and you should avoid any jerky driving movements.
- Keep in mind how much weight you are carrying. The heavier you keep your vehicle with passengers and cargo, the higher the risk of rolling over.
- Install rollover precautionary hardware in to your vehicle. Most of the time SUVs, minivans and trucks do not come standard with rollover safety features. You may want to install a “roll cage”, or a “roll bar” in to your vehicle for added protection.

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